Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Acctive Expo - Vietnamese Comic Con 2008

Yep, last Sunday - Sep 21st, we - the Comictrio joined this Vietnamese Comic Con (mostly for Manga/Anime Otakus) with a Comic/Cartoon/Art Booth.

To prepare for this event, we drew and printed out some Comic/Cartoon charactor profile cards like this to sell there, hopefully one day Comic/Cartoon would be loved as well as Manga/Anime is.

Besides, we also do sketches right at our booth to get some cash too, and the number of sketches we made out there surprised us so much. Before the con began, we thought Cartoon/Comic wouldn't be loved enough to get the cards and sketches sold, but we were completely wrong.

The con started from 9 a.m and just after 1 hour, we sold up to half the number of the cards that we brought with us -> which was an amazing surprise to us, and in the afternoon, we made too many sketches that we couldn't even remember how many of them that we made, and we totally forgot to take some pictures of them.

And in the end of the con, we recognized that we had sold 19 of the 24 card that we brought, and that was a super success that we made there. Besides, the number of the sketches sold was enough for us to be proud cuz our booth was right beside a manga/anime art booth - which was always a super crowd all the time.

Lucky for us that we had some help from some of our friends on Accvietnam.vn like Godslayer, Peter Parker, my lil brother FunnyMeo and my darling Yunamibunny. Though the plan was changed a lil bit but we are really greatful for all your help, really, thank you so much guys, we did an awsome job out there.

And here are some photos that we took at our booth :)

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Trangy said...

Sounded fun T__T. I wish I was in Hanoi T___T. Btw I prefer comics ^^ + Western style animation. Ther style seems more unique to me ^^

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