Friday, May 16, 2008

Time to say "Hello" - kal_clarie_el

Hi there, my name is kal_clarie_el, the third one. You can call me kal, but it's just my nick name, my real name translated into English is Faith River. Another nick name i use in the internet is MLR. Okay, whatever the name is, it only means me, Faith River.

You know, i'm a super crazy fan of Superman, the best comic hero ever. I've loved him since i was a child. That's why i made my nick name kal_clarie_el, so, people usually call me "kal".

This is my avatar, i made it with some mixture of American Dragon Jake Long style and Mr. "Cheek" Galloway style. However, my main style is a little bit reality. But with the comic strips i'm going to make, i will do some cartoon style, like the avatar above, it's funny, i love it too.

This is a Supes sketch of mine, in reality style

Well, i'm going to have something cooler next time. See ya

P/S: Don't forget to have fun with checking out my deviantart:


Comic Trio said...

Yo Kal, I remember that your face is not that Squary :)), haha

Kal said...

Of course, this is funny style you know. I love Supes, and he has such a squary face :))

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