Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Weather Forecast - Splendid River

Well hello dudes, I'm Splendid River, a friend of tta and I'll be his company in this Comic blog. So, before we begin with my comics, just want you guys to remember 1 thing. Whenever you see the logo like this in a comic on this blog, that means I am the author of it, that's kinda my own sign. Ok, let's begin with my first entry, enjoy, see ya next time.

P/S: Don't miss my Deviant gallery:


Sonor said...

Hey what a COOL SITE you guys have here! Both the introductions are very creative and interesting! I'm waiting eagerly for the other guy to raise his voice, which must be just as kewl I guess!

Well besides your good english skills (and tta's vain effort for trying to claim he's not much of a writer), the else thing that dazzled me in its black meaning is this SKIN! 0___o ORANGE! Shining... annoyingly. If u could change it, I'd promise to come much often and leave back some mess (ie. my comment) here and there. Of course they aren't (and cant be) art critiques b/c they dont come from an art wiseass but normal ones from a normal reader.

So, keep up the good job eh? Waiting for next entries xD

P/S: U prick, dun ever ask who I am! [lol]

comic artist wannabes said...

(tta269 speaking) "The other guy" has shown up today, and I am preparing the next entry. lol I am not much of a writer, but I can be quite a speaker you know.

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